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Disqualification of your store could have serious consequences.  
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Why did I receive a charge letter from USDA?
The USDA believes you violated SNAP policy in one way or another.  For example, they may state they formally investigated your store and found violations during the investigation.  Alternatively, they may state your EBT deposits (called redemptions) are too unusual.  In another type of case, USDA may claim your store longer meets eligibility criteria.  In reality, there are many ways USDA can allege your store is in violation of SNAP rules.  If you do receive a charge letter from USDA, its ESSENTIAL you make an appropriate reply.  Let us assist you in understanding the rules regarding your rights in replying to the letter.  281-974-3538 or
Now that I received a charge letter from USDA, what should I do?
Call us immediately.  Remember, once you receive a charge letter you only have 10 days to respond to the letter.  If you do not respond within this time, the USDA may automatically disqualify your store. It is important that you understand the charges against your store as soon as possible so that you can craft the most appropriate and timely response.  Since we have an attorney who is a former USDA Program Specialist who analyzed retailer responses to charge letters, allow our firm to take a look at your case and assist you in responding to any USDA charge letter your receive as soon as possible. Our consultation is free.  281-974-3538 or
Did USDA investigate my store?
Most likely, yes.  USDA has hundreds of program specialists who analyze SNAP stores for compliance.  In addition, they have many investigators that make in-person visits to SNAP stores.  But these are only two of the many ways in which USDA can monitor your store. Since one of our attorneys was formerly a USDA program specialist for over 20 years, our firm can offer you personalized legal advice specific to your store. 281-974-3538 or
What exactly IS a SNAP violation?
With so many SNAP rules and regulations, there are many ways USDA can allege your store violated those rules and regulations.  For example, they may allege your store exchanged cash for a person's SNAP benefits.  Or, they may allege your store exchanged SNAP benefits for non-food or ineligible items.  Or, they may allege your store's SNAP deposits (called redemptions) are uncommon or unusual.  There are just too many ways your store can be charged with violations to list them all here.  But our attorneys can help you understand exactly why USDA believes your store violated SNAP rules, and tell you what to do about it. 281-974-3538 or
What happens if USDA disqualifies or withdraws my store?
Should USDA disqualify or withdraw your store, your store will lose the right to accept EBT card benefits at your store.  USDA will deactivate your SNAP EBT terminal and cancel your EBT authorization.  Most likely, this could greatly affect your grocery store business.  USDA sanctions could permanently bar you from particiapting in the SNAP program.  Even other stores you own may be affected.  In addition to these adminstrative penalties against your store, criminal charges could result in some cases.  Since one of our attorneys formerly worked for USDA as a SNAP program specialist, allow our firm to read your charge letter and explain to you any proposed SNAP sanctions against you and/or your grocery store. 281-974-3538 or
I don't have a SNAP permit for my store, and USDA won't give me one.
Your application to participate in the SNAP may be denied for many reasons.  For example, your store may not stock the proper foods; or your store may not stock the proper amount of foods.  Your store may have previous SNAP compliance problems which can prevent you from obtaining a new SNAP permit.  Let our attorneys assist you with your SNAP application so that you know all the rules for gaining a permit. Since one of our attorneys formerly worked in the SNAP compliance program, we can even train your staff on the proper SNAP rules to help prevent your store from being charged with SNAP violations. 281-974-3538 or
Can you help me obtain a SNAP permit?
Yes.  Our attorneys can explain the SNAP eligibility rules and regulations so you will know if your store can qualifiy to accept SNAP benefits.  We can also review the history of your participation in the SNAP to help determine any additional documentation you might need to submit along with your SNAP application.  Call us for a free consultation today.  281-974-3538 or
Where can I find federal SNAP laws?
Most SNAP legislation pertinent to stores and retailers can be found at: 7 U.S. Code Chapter 51.
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