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Complete the questionnaire below if you have received a SNAP Violation or Disqualification Letter

(This is not necessarily the date of the letter, but rather when the letter was delivered to you.)

Other helpful information includes: (1) how big the store is; (2) what foods and products the store sells; (2) how long the store has been in business; (4) how many shopping carts does your store have; (5) does your store have a food storage area (a storage room); and (6) are there any special factors about your store that other stores near you don't have?

 Has been investigated by USDA or other investigators? Has an unusual number of large transactions?
 Has an unusual number of transactions occuring over a short period of time?  Has exhausted the SNAP benefits of an unusually high number of participants?
 Has an unusual number of transactions ending in the same number of cents?  Has an unusually high number of manual transactions?

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